Staff Attends Transgender Training Institute Workshop

November 15, 2022

See how our team has furthered their education on diversity and inclusion with courses from The Transgender Training Institute.

At Brook Farm Veterinary Center we aim to be a diverse and inclusive workplace. By rethinking, updating, and revamping our diversity and inclusion training we hope to create an equal and inclusive workspace, where employees feel appreciated, valued, and worthy of success regardless of their diversities. In order to provide in depth education about diversity we've partnered with The Transgender Training Institute to further our education. At TTI they have a team of transgender and non-binary educators who facilitate professional development and personal growth trainings for our team to attend. All of The TTI content is facilitated by their team of transgender and non-binary educators, so we are always learning directly from and financially supporting transgender and non-binary community members.  Through continued education our team pledges to contribute to a more just, equitable, and affirming world.

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