Giving Back: Our Charitable Contributions for December 2022

November 15, 2022
Giving Back

See the Charitable Contributions that we've made in December 2022 which contribute to making a difference in the world.|

Charitable Contributions for December

We are working toward our 1% for the planet pledge and also toward achieving climate neutrality. As part of that, we will be purchasing carbon offsets in order to get Carbon Neutral Certified.

Total for December Donations: $4,665.32

$1,166.33 will be donated to our financial need fund with the Veterinary Care Foundation.

Brook Farm has partnered with the Veterinary Care Foundation to support our community. Our charitable fund supports eligible families in crisis and provides care for pets that have been harmed or displaced.

$1,166.33 is in our Employee Advised Fund: No Kid Hungry

We voted as a team for which non-profit we wanted to allocate these funds to and for the month of December our team voted for the charity: No Kid Hungry
Did you know that 1 in 8 kids are at risk of hunger in America? With our donation we hope to connect vulnerable kids in communities around the country with the nutritious food they need to grow and thrive. We are determined to help end childhood hunger in the United States.

$2,332.66 will be donated to environmental causes: Carbon Offsets

Due to the fact that climate change is a non-localized issue, carbon offsetting is possible. In order to protect the climate, greenhouse gasses must be reduced everywhere in the atmosphere.

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